"Any tune, any key, any tempo, anytime, any place, anywhere."  - Jay Standards

Musician and melodic explorer Jay Sanders has wielded his trumpet and piano across many a Bay Area establishment over the years. Raised in Santa Cruz, CA. Jay discovered music at an early age on his own terms, playing along to songs off the radio until he was introduced to jazz via the teachings of notable jazz educators Ray Brown, Dizzy Gillespie, and the late Smith Dobson. Musical journeys to far away lands such as Japan and Europe would soon follow as Jay gradually developed a distinct sound and style he was to call his own. Versatile by nature, Jay is currently performing, arranging, composing, and collaborating with musicians of all genres including jazz, rock, reggae/ska, salsa, and singer/songwriters. Now affectionately nicknamed Jay Standards by his peers Jay has amassed a sizable collection of jazz standards in his memory bank, upon which he is expected to recall and perform on command, and from which the following slogan was born: "J Standards. any tune, any key, any tempo, anytime, any place, anywhere."